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I’ll admit it the chair looks spellbound…


I’ll admit it the chair looks spellbound…


Inspired by the truth and power of #ITooAmHarvard, people of colour who are students at University of Oxford in the U.K. created #ITooAmOxford to speak of their experiences with racism on campus. The photographs are diverse (there’s more on their site) and here I included some of the ones of Black women/women of African descent (my apologies if I misread any genders) as I did when I posted my now viral post on I Too Am Harvard because again it reveals the racist assumptions about both their intelligence and appearance, something I dealt with as a Black woman when I was younger and in undergrad/grad. I also noticed the sense of “place” and nationality that impacts the stereotypes that they face. 

This is a point for the lies about racism being uniquely American to stop. Now. Today. I am tired of weekly emails from Whites ahistorically announcing how racism does not exist in the U.K. It is not their place to make that determination anyway; only Black and other people of colour can. The person who experiences the oppression, not the oppressor, the oppressed, not the privileged, speak truth to the experiences.

These students are speaking their truths. Do not ignore them. Their lives matter. They deserve better than the stress and even physical/mental health issues that dealing with racism can cause. Stereotype threat is real and impacts academic performance and health. 

I wish these students the best. Much love. 


#ITooAmHarvard is a project by Black students at Harvard to speak out about the racism that they experience in their daily lives as students. It will also be a play.

Pretty heartbreaking. These beautiful and bright students deserve so much better. Above I included some of the photographs (there’s many more) of Black women who are students there because I think it’s important to point out how racism is not only impacting Whites’ perception of their intelligence but also how White people approach their appearance as well, in gender-specific ways. This is heartbreaking to me albeit not surprising. The myth that working hard = happy payoff is a fairy tale. Racism is ubiquitous. 

I really wish them the best with their education and the ability to navigate these microaggressions and overt acts of racism. This stuff increases stereotype threat and impacts mental health and health which impacts performance. I want the best for them. Much love. 

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Mar 9

The Art of Video Games: The Best Comments You’ll Ever See at a Museum


It’s a tired, perennial gaming cliche as resilient as the villainous AI computer system that first uttered it. But, yes, Portal’s “The cake is a lie,” was the most entered comment in the guestbook for The Art of Video Games exhibit while it was at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. (It’s now touring the country, currently in Boca Raton, Florida, and soon moving on to Seattle, Washington, next).

As part of their “Lessons from the Museum - Postmortem on The Art of Video Games Smithsonian Exhibit” panel at MAGFest 11, exhibit curator Chris Melissinos and exhibition coordinator Georgina Goodlander reviewed a handful of scribblings and heartwarming notes left in The Art of Video Games guestbook. 

Smithsonian staff marveled over how many drawings were in the guestbook and how many people knew how to draw Link. (Photo not shown because someone wrote their PSN ID on it.)

Also at the postmortem, Melissinos also shared a video of when I Fight Dragons visited the exhibit. Click here for an amazing a capella rendition of the Legend of Zelda theme.

[All images courtesy Smithsonian American Art Museum]

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"This makes me feel like I matter" is the comment that validates my life as a human being and as an educator



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BX stand uppp lol. I'm a native Bronxite and very proud to be from this borough. I'm a die-hard Yankee fan and graduate of Fordham University - these colors don't run. About your post, here are a few landmarks you may want to consider listing as a part of your Bronx exhibit: NYBG, Fordham University, Bronx Zoo, Big Pun mural on 163rd, Edgar Allan Poe's cottage at Poe Park, Banky's mural on 153rd, even Woodlawn Cemetery. Celia Cruz, Duke Ellington, even the founders of Macy's are all there.

Thanks so much!  We are two graduate students who are not native Bronx residents, so we need some help to understand what makes the Bronx memorable and loved.


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Must reblog Black Widow. Always.

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Did you grow up in the Bronx? have you spent a lot of time there? I am working on a project for the Bronx Children’s Museum all about it. What buildings or other landmarks make the Bronx the Bronx? Tell me!

Did you grow up in the Bronx? have you spent a lot of time there? I am working on a project for the Bronx Children’s Museum all about it. What buildings or other landmarks make the Bronx the Bronx? Tell me!